According to Jonathan Gottschall humans should be called “homo fictus”. We love stories. We need stories. We understand our world through stories. Oral. Written. Film.

In light of this, your organization needs to learn to tell your story. The mission of Stories by Chris (SBC) is to help show your story through the use of pixels in motion.

The Process

Stage one in the process is listening. During this stage we meet and we discern the heart of the story. We discern the places where the heart of story is played out and we listen for the purpose and plot of the story.

Stage two is writing the story. This process involves uncovering the plot and the places where the heart of the story lives.

Stage three is getting the footage. We will schedule interviews of the people who shape your story and capture footage of the the places where the story happens.

Stage four is the editing process. This is the stage where the story comes to life. Editing occurs in two steps. Step one is editing the visual portion of the story. Step two is composing the music score to add an additional layer to your story.

My approach has been shaped mainly by the folks over at Stillmotion. I am forever indebted to their approach they call Muse.