The Food Pantry in Plain City exists to help those in need. This video is a short piece on one such person.

This is a short promo for the “Be The Church” yearly ministry in Plain City, OH.

The Driven Foundation is headed up by former Buckeye and NFL player Roy Hall. This video capture a bit of what the foundation tries to do to empower those in need.

Tom Heinmiller learned he had a year to live in 2015. This video tells his story and mission.

DNA of Plain City is an organization designed to help those in need get back on their feet. This video tells the story of three people helped through DNA.

Allan Patterson grew up in a family with a history of military involvement. This video tells Allan’s decision to embrace pacifism and its impact on his family.

J Jared Development is located on the east side of Columbus and has as its purpose the building up of that community both in body and soul. This video captures a taste of their summer lunch program.

Sylvester Gboya resettled in the US during the civil war in Sierra Leone. Since coming to the US, Sylvester has established Camp Sierra Americ, an NGO focused on developing farms in Sierra Leone. This video tells his story.



The Driven Foundation gave away much needed supplies to the members of an east side of Columbus community. This video captures that day.

This summer the DNA Community Center in Plain City hosted a summer lunch program for the needy kids in the JA school district. This video is promoting this outreach.